LAWN mowing

Lawn Mowing

Lanterra Services provides a professional lawn mowing service in Houston. Offering Residential and Commercial service to keep lawns beautiful and green all year. Let’s set up an ongoing weekly lawn mowing service for you today! Avoid having an unhealthy lawn this year by contacting Lanterra Services.

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration & Overseeding

To encourage a healthy lawn, aeration and overseeding should be a part of your lawn care plan. Aerating your lawn allows air to circulate through the soil. Overseeding is often paired with aeration to promote thick grass cover of your lawn.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Our skilled professionals have extensive knowledge in trimming different varieties of shrubs and hedges, ensuring they are pruned to perfection while maintaining their health and vitality. From small residential gardens to large commercial landscapes, we can handle all. Give us a call today!

Commercial Landscape

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

We offer a variety of commercial landscape services, such as maintenance and tree care. Our trained landscapers are uniquely qualified to service your property. With a steadfast focus on you and your goals, we’re changing the way landscape services are delivered. Our depth of experience makes us a seamless partner for the entire lifecycle of your commercial landscape.

Aeration & Overseeding

Pressure Washing

At Lanterra Services, we take pride in offering our clients with reliable, professional pressure washing service on every job we do. Our team of skilled technicians is ready to take on all types of cleaning projects to get rid of dirt, grime, mildew, mold, and other unsightly contaminates that may be harming your home or business.



Mulch is an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your home’s landscape. Used mostly in flower beds, mulch can make your home more attractive and improve the health of your soil and plants. There are many different types and colors of mulch, which means this project gives you the chance to be creative with your outdoor home decor!

Rock & Edging

Rock & Edging

Personalize your landscaping with a touch of style and functionality by adding custom stone around your flower beds, trees, and garden. Stone edging will tie together the overall look and feel of your front lawn oasis, it will make the best option for your home’s value.

Planting trees, Shrubs & Flowers

Planting trees, Shrubs & Flowers

If you’ve decided it’s time to add some more plant to decor your yard, we can help you. Planting new trees, shrubs and flowers benefit the environment, but it also dramatically boosts your curb appeal. Call us today to get started, or learn more about our services.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment and receive a free evaluation of your project! Our team of experts is ready to discuss your ideas, explore your needs and provide you with a detailed, no-obligation estimate.